Sit Down, Shut Up and Let Go: A Guide to LOSING Control

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Keep the following in mind for a better mindset while you work on your snoring.

How to Shut Your Mouth — and Your Wallet

Causes of snoring Below we review the common causes of snoring. Also, lack of exercise can lead to poor muscle tone in your throat and neck, causing the tissues that are there to relax onto each other, instead of staying taut and open to facilitate easy breathing. Obesity is also highly correlated with sleep apnea , a sleep-related breathing disorder.

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Pregnancy: During pregnancy , some women gain weight, causing the obesity that contributes to snoring. Even without substantial weight gain, the hormone increases that accompany pregnancy can make your mucous membranes swell, causing nasal congestion and subsequent snoring. Being male: Men are nearly twice as likely to snore than women, simply due to their physical makeup. Men have larger airways, but their larynxes are positioned lower in their neck, leaving space in their throat.

As they sleep, their tongue may fall back into this space, causing snoring. Age: As we age, our throat becomes narrower, and the muscle tone decreases along with it. This is a natural circumstance of aging that can contribute to or aggravate snoring. Nasal deformity or injury: Other physical nasal deformities, whether caused by birth or injury, can block the airways and make it difficult to breathe clearly.

The most common of these is a deviated septum. Sinus congestion from illness or allergies: A typical symptom of many illnesses , like the flu or common cold, is a stuffy nose and trouble breathing. People living with chronic allergies experience similar nasal congestion throughout the day or night. Whether caused by illness or allergic rhinitis, this blockage can cause snoring. Medication side effects: Some medications, such as tranquilizers or sedatives, work by relaxing the body.

That relaxation can also relax the throat and nasal muscles, causing them to collapse and resulting in snoring Drinking alcohol: Just like some medications, alcohol is a depressant and has a sedative effect on the body, relaxing the breathing muscles and causing snoring. Smoking: Smoking cigarettes inflames your nose and throat, resulting in congestion, dryer mucous membranes, and snoring.

Sleeping on your back: Because the way your pillow positions your neck while you sleep, back sleeping can obstruct the airways and cause snoring. Sleep apnea can occur from a blockage of the airways, your physical makeup, or a communication issue between your brain and breathing muscles. Whatever the cause, it is a serious sleep-related breathing disorder that requires proper diagnosis and treatment. Lifestyle changes For many, a few lifestyle changes is all it takes to make snoring go away completely or at least alleviate it significantly.

Switch to sleeping on your side. If you sleep on your back, stopping your snoring could be as simple as switching to your side. Ensure you get a pillow that keeps your neck and spine aligned, ideal for keeping the airways open. You may also want to get a body pillow or two to help bolster your body and keep yourself in the side sleeping position as you transition to this new mode of sleeping. Watch what you eat. Heavy meals before bed disrupt sleep and may worsen your snoring.

For more restful sleep, eat dinner at least a few hours before bed, and enjoy a late snack of one of these sleep-healthy foods if you get peckish. The more you can reduce the fatty tissue around your throat, the easier it will be for you to breathe at night.

How to make a friend of your anger

Engage in regular exercise. Exercise helps you lose weight, reducing snoring, but it also strengthens muscle tone throughout your body. Practice anti-snoring exercises as part of your bedtime routine. Any exercise will increase your neck and throat muscles, but you can strengthen your throat muscles specifically with any one of the following exercises: With your mouth closed, purse your lips for 30 seconds.

Say each of the vowels out loud. Repeat for 3 minutes. Open your mouth and shift your jaw to one side.

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Hold for 30 seconds, then shift it to the other side for 30 seconds. Position the tip of your tongue against your top front teeth, and then slide it backwards along the ridge of your mouth for 3 minutes. Throughout the day, sing to yourself or practice chewing on both sides of your mouth. Watch this video for a demonstration of these exercises, or follow the instructional guide below: Stop smoking.

Over time, chronic smoking dries out your nasal membranes, making snoring louder.

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol, especially before bed, relaxes your muscles and worsens snoring. Avoid alcohol late at night, and limit your intake generally. Although it may initially make you drowsy, alcohol does not lead to restful sleep.

Drink more water instead. Avoid drying out your mouth and making snoring louder by staying hydrated throughout the day. Review your medications. Some of your medications may have sedative side effects or dry out your mouth. If you have a snoring problem, let your doctor know. They may be able to prescribe you an alternative medicine that does not have the same side effects. Do not take sleeping pills.

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The sedative effects of sleeping pills put your nasal and throat tissues to sleep, too, worsening snoring. When overused, they can become addictive and dangerous. Instead, consult your doctor about using melatonin as a sleep aid. Use a humidifier in your bedroom. By keeping the air in your bedroom moist, you prevent air from drying out your nasal membranes and causing that characteristic rattling snoring sound.

Get an air purifier with a HEPA filter. For those with allergic rhinitis, this will clear your bedroom air of any allergens that contribute to your nasal congestion. Get fitted for an anti-snoring mouthpiece. These are specially constructed by a dentist and designed to pull your tongue forward or keep your lower jaw in a forward position while you sleep.

The end effect is a wider airway that allows for easier breathing. Try nasal vents. These look like earplugs, but they fit inside your nose and keep your nostrils open while you sleep, preventing snoring.

Assessing the Situation

Try anti-snoring nasal strips. These flatten your nose, thereby opening up your nostrils. Many women find these to be a helpful, non-medical solution for snoring during pregnancy. Look into anti-snoring wedge pillows. These are designed to keep the head in an ideal position for open airways. Stay on your side with anti-snoring pajamas. These help prevent snoring by keeping you in a side-sleeping position.

These may have an inflatable belt around your midsection, or feature a pocket for a tennis ball to fit into. When you start to roll onto your back, the discomfort pushes you back onto your side. Use a nasal rinse with saline, like a neti pot. Septoplasty realigns the septum the piece of cartilage between your nostrils to enable better airflow. Uvuloplasty removes just the uvula, opening up the throat behind the soft palate. Somnoplasty uses heat to shrink the throat tissues and widen your airway. Tonsillectomy removes enlarged tonsils or adenoids, opening up your throat.

This is one of the most common procedures for children with snoring or sleep apnea. Follow these tips to facilitate a thoughtful conversation that leads toward a solution, instead of a fight: Set up a time to talk, outside of your bedroom during the daytime.

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