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Beginner - Activity Papers - Grades - Fall Adult Student Workbook - Fall Adult - Lesson Manual - Fall Primary - Activity Papers - Grades - Fall Kindergarten - Activity Papers - Ages - Fall Highly recommended! Booked a trip to NZ with the apparent manager. Almost had to sleep in the airport the first night because they did not book the dates we had asked. Then we were told she had fixed the problem and would send us a voucher which she never sent.

We almost couldn't get into the hostel to stay without the voucher. Specifically requested all female dorms in hostels and ended up in mixed dorms every single night of our 10 day trip. She only expanded on the research I had already done and didn't get my friend or I a single deal.

The one trip she suggested was awful! Everything was more of a hassle because of adventure bugs rather than helpful. Don't bother booking with these people as they won't save you any money and will probably mess up what you actually ask for. Would've been better off booking everything myself but she pressured us so much to book on the day.

Tried to contact someone about the disgusting and horrible hostel they booked us and no one responded to me.

I booked a full Eastcoast trip with Jack in Sydney he was very knowledgeable about what to do. He also gave me a very competitive price for my trip so was very happy. Choose this over peter pans they are much more expensive. Booked an eastcoast with Joe, it was amazing super stoked, he was very helpful, and helped us realise how to the eastcoast and how we should spend our time in australia the best way possible!

Sadly we checked the price of our eastcoast Adventures after our booking at travelbugs. It's a lot cheaper to book everything separate online on your own. Never go there again. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview.

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Adventure Travel Bugs. Write a review. Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Misunderstanding I went walking near the agency and [name removed] took on his free time to come and see me, I really appreciate! Customer Service. Trip Completed Yes.

Booking Type Accomodation, Cruise and Tour. Will be returning Best service from the Queenstown, NZ team! Ease of Booking. Other Booking Services Previous. Travel Online. Mann Travel. Great Customer Service Awesome Customer service from the guys in cairns , great trips too. Compare all. Great and friendly service! Exactly what I needed I knew exactly what I wanted coming in to Travel bugs and Milla did an excellent job.

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Great Tours, great people! Maybe the kernel is busy remapping pages to try to make bigger chunks of memory available. But whatever might be going on, the obvious thing was just to try taking out RCS, and seeing what happened.

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So, after a week of intense debugging, we had a solution to our problem. And repeating my original experiment, everything now ran cleanly, with API times completely dominated by network transmission to the test cluster:. What did I learn from all this? Why is debugging so easy in the Wolfram Language? One also typically writes it in notebooks, where one can test out, and document, each piece of a program as one builds it up.

Also critical is that the Wolfram Language is symbolic, so one can always pull out any piece of a program, and it will run on its own. Debugging at lower levels of the software stack is a very different experience. I guess our versioning problem might be the analog of some horrible defect in DNA replication. Because part of what the Wolfram Cloud is all about is insulating people from the messy issues of cloud infrastructure, and letting them instead implement and deploy whatever they want directly in the Wolfram Language. Of course, to make that possible, we ourselves have needed to build all the automated infrastructure.

And indeed, as of today, the Wolfram Cloud has its APIs consistently running without any mysterious quantized slowdowns—and is rapidly approaching the point when it can move out of beta and into full production. Posted in: Data Science , Software Design. Please enter your comment at least 5 characters. Awesome work!


Bug Hunting Adventures # Prime Sums (Solution) - Approxion

Just the other day I was using the Wolfram Cloud and I was pleasantly surprised how much faster it seemed to be running. The short answer is that RCS installed during development was screwing everything up! This is funny and classic. This is a clear indication on how the von Neumann architecture of computers and the Linux monolithic kernel are screwing all of us.

To begin with, file versioning should be built-in feature of the OS. Secondly, as Ted Nelson put it, we have to get rid of the filesystem tyranny. Wolfram should give priority to develop a version running on bare metal, as said. At that point they may consider developing a Mathematica suitable hardware architecture altogether. Last but not least — the whole multithreading scheme sucks. Go for functional programming, people! Wolfram Alpha at What Is a Computational Essay?

Announcing the Rule 30 Prizes. Fifty Years of Mentoring. Enable JavaScript to interact with content and submit forms on Wolfram websites. I left this running overnight… and when I came back the next morning, this is what I saw: Even weirder!

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Doing this for just a few system calls gave me this: Interestingly, this showed evidence of discrete peaks. So then I picked out only futex calls, and, sure enough, saw sharp timing peaks—at ms, ms and 1s: But were these really a problem? The OS Is Freezing! Then one of our physics-PhD engineers had compared the probability for a slowdown in a particular substep on the left to the median time spent in that substep on the right : With one exception which had a known cause , there was a good correlation.

One experiment involved editing a huge notebook on a node, while running lots of API calls to the same node: The result was interesting. And so we did that, and lo and behold, the horrible slowdowns immediately went away! Email will not be published; required. Please enter your name. April 16, at pm.

April 17, at am. April 17, at pm. August 18, at am. Related Writings.

Bug's Funny Weekend Routine - Waking Me Up ( Part 1 )