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Selected from the village itself and accountable to it, ASHA works as an interface between the community and the public health system. There are more than 8. Over 7. She is accountable to the Panchayat. Special Saddle Time awards will be given when you complete various hour levels.

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For example, riders will receive a patch and a lapel pin once 50 hours of riding has been completed; a patch and shirt when after hours; a patch and a tote bag when once hours is completed; and additional gifts and recognition as Saddle Time hours accumulate. Hours count in the following activities: trail riding, lessons, parades, drill team and non-USEF recognized events and shows a 4-H show is a good example.

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  8. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 07, Rida Raindrop Reflections rated it it was amazing. Asha in Time was exquisitely written and beautifully delivered. The characters narrating from time to time was well-distributed; whoever told the story at certain points was perfectly suited to do so. And the history?

    The characters were beautiful as well. The MC Isetnofret was strong-willed, passionate, and almost perfect, but it was Nefertari I rooted for near the end, because she was stronger and much more selfless. Rameses was depicted awesomely as well. As for the character the book is named after, Asha- he was amazing.

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    His pain and selflessness made me tear up a little, honestly. PS: I also need to Google up who ended up being Queen of Egypt, Nefertari or Isetnofret, because the little part at the end made me wonder what really did happen. I loved Asha in Time a hundred times more than I thought I would. Sep 26, Reading Vacation rated it liked it. The beautiful desert land of powerful kings and stone pyramids. Isetnofret, an ancient Egyptian girl who was transported to modern times, had finally returned to her native time.

    Now, Isetnofret caught the eye of the crown prince, and became his first wife. It was a race to produce a son, an heir to the throne. Wow, all at thirteen!

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    Egyptian kingdom setting? First off, the temples and palaces were majestic and imposing, and jumped off the page with their beauty. The descripti Egypt.

    Natun Aalo - Sabuj Sangha - Sundarbans, West Bengal

    The descriptions alone transported me right into the rooms with the characters. Also, the natural beauty of the desert was amazing. I could feel the gritty sand on my toes as I read. The language was rich and thick, with complex relationships building and crumbling in the blink of an eye. I loved learning all about the religion and culture of this ancient society, everything from marriage customs to what gods they prayed to.

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    It was really astounding how different their culture is from ours today! The love triangle between Isenofret, Ramses, and Nefertiti was complicated and gave a good picture of the strict customs of the time. The interactions between the three played out in what felt like a realistic way for that place and time. This is a fast read with gorgeous descriptions of a time long ago. May 06, Kevin Sells rated it really liked it. A page turner Nicely researched and written